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The $25,300 Twenty Dollar Bill



  Jason Bradford, president of PCGS Currency in Newport Beach, Calif., authenticated the error was genuine and not faked outside the printing plant. Bradford said currency goes through three printing stages: first the back is printed, next the face and then the bill receives serial number and treasury seal stamps. In the case of the Del Monte Note™(also know as the Banana Note), the seal and serial number are both printed on top of the sticker, meaning the fruit tag must have found its way onto the bill midway through the process, he said. There's no way of knowing whether a mischievous printer intentionally placed the sticker on the bill, he said. The Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which produces all U.S. paper money at facilities in Washington and Fort Worth, inspects and destroys flawed currency before it escapes the plants. It investigated the note's history after the misprint surfaced but couldn't pinpoint a cause, spokeswoman Dawn Haley said. ...more...  
  It was this information that interested the Moraleses of Texas RV Center Inc. to pursue purchasing the Del Monte Note™. ...more about the Moraleses ....  

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